Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Summery orange nails! Fresh Squeezed - Nicole by OPI

I used to LOVE painting my nails, and was obsessed with it because I hated the way my nails look without nail polish. However, my love has since turned to makeup and my poor nails have suffered greatly... those poor babies are hardly ever looked after anymore. Lucky for me though, my sister has adopted my love of nail polish and buys all these sweet colours, so over the weekend I decided to paint my nails a fun, summery orange! The colour is Fresh Squeezed by Nicole (by OPI) and my sister bought hers at Shopper's Drug Mart for something like $10-$12. A word of warning though... the colour in the little container thingy (what would you call that??) looks pretty matte but when you apply it it's very very sparkly. However, that's what made me like it the most, so it def wasn't a problem for me!

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