Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Look of the Day: Smokey bronzed green

I've been meaning to do a look like this for some time now. It's basically a deep forest green on the lid and is then smoked out to a nice bronzed brown, with some gold/green along the lower lashline and liquid liner. Hope you like!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Beyonce Inspired: Winged Liner and Red Matte Lips

I've been blogging about Beyonce's new video for Why Don't You Love Me, and loved her makeup so much that I was inspired to do a look similar to her winged eyeliner and matte rid lips in the video... but I guess it's more wearable? Hope you like!

Seriously considering purchasing this overpriced nail polish

Kay so I just blogged about Beyonce's new video for Why Don't You Love Me, and I am absolutely OBSESSED with her bright turquoise nail polish. Due to my amazing investigative skills (aka I googled it), the nail polish that she's wearing is Chanel Nouvelle Vague, from their summer collection Les Pop-Up de Chanel. It's ridiculously overpriced... $23 each, but the colour is so gorgeous I just might have to splurge anyway.

Beyonce's new video for "Why Don't You Love Me?"

OMG Beyonce just took it to the next level!!!!!!! I am absolutely in love with her new video for Why Don't You Love Me. It's completely different from her normal music videos and yet she's still Sasha Fierce... sexy, yet classy. LOVE IT. And the makeup is absolutely gorgeous, I can definitely see that she (or her makeup artist) was inspired by her makeup looks in Gaga's Telephone video. The dramatic winged eyeliner is definitely a major theme throughout the video, but she pairs it with different lip colours like a greyish purple lipstick and bright matte red. I also spy some FABULOUS and uber trendy bright blue nails, as well as bright coral lips. Love love love, I wonder if she used the same makeup artist that did her makeup for the Telephone video... Ima try find that out for you all (and myself haha). Well done B. What do you guys think??

AMAZING nail colour... Gotta find out what nail polish that is.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Classic Smokey Eye

My dear friend Caroline requested that I blog about the classic smokey eye. While I loved the look I came up with, it's not my favourite eye makeup to wear just because I find it kinda boring - I like experimenting with colours and eyeshadow shapes. Howevveerrr, the smokey eye is always a foolproof choice if you're not sure how to wear your makeup with your outfit and is always sexy and sultry. Now there are a few different ways to pull off a smokey eye. I'll blog again later about the other ways to wear a smokey eye, but this is a simple smokey eye with most of the dark colour in the outer corner and crease. I used quite a few products for this look, ranging from a light tan brown to a black to a shimmery white and grey. To achieve a look like this, you want to start with your lightest eyeshadow colours first and then slowly work your way to the dark colours . Here's what I did:
  1. Apply PRIMERRRRRR!! This is a MUST if you're wearing dark eyeshadow colours. Urban Decay Primer Potion is definitely my first choice as a primer.
  2. Use a nude, skin coloured eyeshadow first just to prep your eye. You can even use your face powder and pat it over the top of your primer with a sponge.
  3. Use a flat eyeshadow brush to apply a matte, light brown all over your lid and above the crease.
  4. Start with a grey colour and apply to your entire lid, concentrating on the outer two thirds.
  5. Continue to build up the darkness with dark grey and black eyeshadow colours. You should never just apply a black eyeshadow right away, you do it slowly and gradually by using lighter colour eyeshadows first. This is what's gonna give your eyeshadow that nice fade from a light to dark colour.
  6. If you have a black eyeliner that's nice and smudgey (I used the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner) you can use this to darken your look by applying it to the outer third of your lid and then using a fluffy brush to blend it out.
  7. Continue to darken the look in the outer corner by applying your black eyeshadow (wet or dry, but if you apply it wet it's gonna be a lot darker) until you're happy. After you apply each eyeshadow colour with a flat eyeshadow brush, take a second to blend out the edges with a fluffy brush (MAC 217 is perfect for this). Blending is keeyyy for this look.
  8. Take either a skin coloured eyeshadow again or your matte light brown to blend out the outer edges of your makeup with a fluffy brush.
  9. Finally apply a highlight colour to your brow bone and blend it downward. I'd recommend a matte white eyeshadow for this, don't use a shimmery colour, it'll just be way too much shimmer.
  10. Apply eyeliner (liquid, pencil or gel... for this look I used both a pencil and liquid liner)
  11. Do the same steps to your lower lash line. Start with a matte brown, and then gradually darken using greys and a black. Apply a shimmery (or matte, it's your choice!) white to your inner tear duct area to open your eyes. I'd recommend keeping your darkest colours on the outer third of your lower lash line... unless you're going for an UBER smokey (or emo) look, don't pull your black eyeshadow all the way to your tear duct. Not cute.
  12. Finally, mascara and a black eyeliner on your waterline and you're donneee!
Hope this helped!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stephanie Pratt Inspired - How to make blue eyes pop!

I was watching The Hills the other night with some friends and we all noticed how ridiculously blue Stephanie Pratt's eyes are. They are redic! I soon noticed however that they look so blue because she wears blue eyeshadow along her bottom lash line.... VERY sneaky Stephanie. With a bronze-y golden eyeshadow on her top lid, and a bright pop of blue liner along her lower lash line, she manages to make her eyes look uber blue. If you're not into the bright blue along the lower lash line, you can just stick to a blue eyeliner along your waterline and then run some bronze eyeshadow along your bottom lash line. Also, you know how whenever you wear a shirt that matches the colour of your eyes, your eyes are suddenly that much more noticeable? This is the same idea. If you have dark blue eyes, go for a dark blue liner. If your eyes are really bright sky blue, go for that colour liner. Get it? Hope this helped!

Better late than never, right? Makeup looks from the 2010 Met Gala

A couple days ago celebrities from far and wide attended the 2010 Met Costume Institute Gala, which is basically the Oscars of fashion! There were some gorgeous dresses in attendance, but more importantly... there was some gorg makeup! Here's some photos of celebrity makeup looks as well as what the celeb wore. Enjoy!

Jessica Stam - YES, this is my favourite makeup look of the night. That winged liner looks gorgeous with her bright blue eyes, and ties in nicely with the theme of her hair and dress. Very nice.

Gwen Stefani - Her makeup is hella boring, but I guess her fab dress makes up for it. Although, is it supposed to look like she's wearing a black bra underneath??

January Jones - Not only his her dress ugly as sin, but so is her makeup. Not cute.

Anne Hathaway - Her subtle makeup was definitely a good call, but I wish she had done something a little more interesting with her hair.

Blake Lively - Two words: Lashes and legs. Good call.

Zoe Saldana - There's nothing particularly special or interesting about her makeup but it ties in nicely with her dress. I do enjoy the subtle winged brown eyeshadow though.

Katy Perry - She definitely had the most unique dress at the Met Gala, and it was a MUST that she kept her makeup neutral. If her lips had been any more pink, it would have been waayy too much.

Taylor Swift - Taylor sure does love her winged liner. This makeup is beautiful, but does no one else think that she should go a lot more blonde?? Not a fan of the dirty blonde.

Nicole Richie - I'm always a fan of Nicole's fashion and makeup choices but her makeup is nothing special. Of course it's lovely, but it's nothing we haven't seen before.

Mila Kunis - YESS, her makeup is gorgeous!! I love the subtle purple/cranberry eyeshadow. It's absolutely beautiful with her skin tone and is just the right amount of colour to go with her dress. Lovelyyyyy

Gisele Bundchen - Gisele, WHY?! Her makeup and dress is just awful. I'm a sucker for winged eyeshadow, but I hate it when it's rounded instead of pointed (does that make sense?) Her non existent brows don't do anything for her face either. Not a fan at ALL.

Rosario Dawson - This is a very interesting makeup look. Rosario obviously wanted her dress to have all the attention, which is why she's wearing barely there makeup. It doesn't even look like she's even wearing mascara. Of course she's beautiful but a little more makeup would have gone a long way. Some false lashes and lip gloss would have been perfect.

Jenny Lo - Love the dress and smokey eyes, but I wish her hair had been out of her face to fully show off her sultry eyes, ya know?

Kristen Stewart - Not feeling the greasy hair and dark eyes... it makes her look tired, BUT you've gotta give her some credit. She looks a LOT better than usual.

Emma Watson - I love this makeup! It's very age appropriate and simple - it would be a perfect prom look, although she could have gone with a little more colour on the lips. Love her dress though!

Naomi Watts - even though I'd generally stay away from red lipstick with a pink dress, her lipstick has just the right amount of pink in it to avoid some hardcore clashing. Very nice!

Jessica Alba - a plain jane makeup look, but it works. Her lashes make it that much more glam.