Friday, March 5, 2010

My New Obsession: Fake Eyelashes

The first few times I attempted to wear fake eyelashes I failed... very miserably. I remember one day specifically where I bought fake eyelashes and I was super excited to wear them for the night to my friend Sam's birthday party. The biggest mistake that people make when applying fake eyelashes is not letting the glue dry out a little bit and get tacky before putting them on. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE, you will end up with glue ALL over your eyelid and eyelashes and you'll completely ruin your makeup. TRUST ME, I learned the hard way. Here's some tips that I've learned when it comes to applying eyelashes.
  1. If you're using a strip of eyelashes, I prefer doing all of my makeup and mascara and then applying the lashes. I don't put any mascara on the fake lashes just because it makes them last longer. You can do this if you want to combine your real and fake lashes together, but it's never noticeable if you don't.
  2. YES you can reuse your falsies. And it's wonderful. I've reused one pair quite a few times, I'd say you could probably wear them between 7-10 times (if you don't put mascara on them) before you should throw them away.
  3. BUY GOOD QUALITY GLUE. I used to hate wearing falsies because I bought crappy glue (Quo Eyelash Adhesive, don't buy.) and the eyelashes would always lift up at the inner corner of my eye, which isn't cute. Now that I've been using Duo Eyelash Adhesive from MAC, I am OBSESSED with fake eyelashes and would honestly wear them everyday (and will likely do that eventually anyways) if I could afford it. For now, I just wear them when I go out partying and I love it.
  4. LET THE GLUE DRY A LITTLE BIT BEFORE APPLYING!!!!! AHH omg this is key, I wish I had known this! Honestly, wait until the glue gets tacky, between 30 seconds to a minute (or maybe even longer). If you don't do this, the lashes will just slip and slide all over your eyelid and it will suck. I promise.
  5. You really don't need a lot of glue, just a thin strip with maybe a little extra on the inner and outer corners. Too much glue won't dry properly.
  6. Sit in a chair, and look down into a mirror. You get a good view of your lash line and it's a lot easier to apply your lashes.
  7. Start by applying your eyelashes to the centre of your lash line. Use tweezers to place them along your lash line and then use the other end of them to push down the inner and outer corners of the lashes.
  8. Wait for a little bit (maybe a minute or two) for the glue to dry properly. Then use a liquid eyeliner to go over the lash band so it's not obvious that you're wearing fakes.
And YAY you have gorgeous, luscious lashes! I'll post a photo of my makeup with my fake lashes from last night later :D

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