Friday, March 26, 2010

A Cautionary Tale

My friends and I were supposed to go out to a country bar last night (big fail) and I decided to get crazy and wear my MAC Reflects glitter (big fail). The last time I wore glitter, it turned out beautifully. I had heard to use eyelash glue on your eyelid to get the glitter to stick (because otherwise it falls EVERYWHERE) and decided to do it again (because I was so successful with it last time). However, I applied the glitter first and then proceeded to use eyeshadows overtime to blend it out... big mistake. Once the glitter is stuck to the glue, it won't budge and trying to blend it out with eyeshadow only made it blotchy and patchy... not cute. My makeup turned out okay, but because I am the world's biggest perfectionist, I was not happy at all. LUCKILY you can't really tell by the pictures, which is why I've decided to post them.
Here's what I learned last night:
  • Using lash glue on your eyelids isn't the best idea... if it's your only option though, do your eyeshadow and blending FIRST and then apply your glue and pat the glitter over top with a brush. It'll look nice, as long as you don't attempt to blend more eyeshadow over top.
  • Do your eyeshadow and glitter FIRST, before applying ANY foundation or concealer to your skin. You're going to get glitter everywhere and it's best to do it all first, take a wipe to wipe away any glitter and then do your skin makeup.
  • Use a creamy eyeshadow instead of lash glue to get your glitter to stick. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils are a great option.
PS. The glitter that I used was MAC Reflects in Antique Gold. :)

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