Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Review: Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow

Hahah don't worry about those numbers, it's a special code I needed for my undercover spy mission ;)

So my dearest roommate Chris (aka Christina, she hates being called Chris muahaha) has recently embarked on her makeup obsession journey and bought her very first eyeshadow palette. Lucky for me, I get to exploit her newfound obsession and she was kind enough to let me borrow! Yesssss
So anywho, I did a look using all four colours and was going to take a photo to post on here but my damn camera died and I was too lazy to wait for it to charge. Maybe I'll do another look again another time and post a photo but for now... all you guys get is a review. ACTUALLY wait, I'll post a photo of the swatches on my hand. There, that's a nice compromise.

SO unfortunately I was uber disappointed. The colours are really deceiving and look so amazingly bright but when you apply them to your skin, you really get no colour pay off. It's a nice palette for more neutral looks but I wouldn't recommend buying it if you're attracted to all the bright pretty colours - they're not so bright on your eye. Three of the colours have a nice metallic finish, and the fourth is a matte which is good. I hate it when these palettes are ALL shimmery colours. You need at least one eyeshadow that's matte. The best part about this palette is that it clearly shows you were to apply the colours on your eyelid... which is really nice if you're a nOOb.

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