Sunday, March 7, 2010

Friday Night Makeup!

So I had a pretty busy (and fun!) weekend, which is why I didn't blog much (I'm sorry!!). On Friday night my friends and I went out dancing which was so much fun (minus all the creepy guys that hover around you on the dance floor... seriously, calm down boys). I bought new fake lashes which I wore on Friday AND my lovely lovely friend Kassy (who's birthday we celebrated on Sunday, but I will write about that in another post) gave me a MAC Reflects glitter in a gorgeous black gold (the colour is called Antique Gold), so needless to say, I was SUPER excited to do my makeup on Friday hahah!
So in this look, I went for smokey black winged eyeshadow and liner, and then on top of all the shadow was the glitter. Sadly, my camera doesn't pick up the glitter at ALL, but you get the idea.
I also did my friend Steph's makeup for the night. It's kind of a purple-y blue and I was gonna put some fake lashes on her but mine didn't fit her eye and I didn't want to cut them because they were still new... I've only worn them once! Eventually I'll get some fake lashes on her, promise. I had a photo of her full face but it was taken on her camera and that sneaky little biatch didn't send me those photos. Lame.

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  1. They look sooo good! so so so so excited for you to do my make up!!