Thursday, February 18, 2010

What I can't live without: Eyeshadow Primer!!

If there's one thing that I absolutely cannot live without when it comes to makeup, it would have to be eyeshadow primer. I have super oily eyelids (ew, I know) and my eyeshadow will always ALWAYS crease if I'm not wearing a base underneath it. I'd rather just not wear any eyeshadow at all then go without primer and then be all crease-y all day. Not cute. What I love about primers is that I can get away with wearing cheap, crappy eyeshadows because the primer makes the colours more vibrant and makes the shadow last longer!
So far I have tried four different products: MAC's Paint Pot (my colour is Painterly!), Benefit's F.Y.Eye, Clinique's Touch Base for Eyes and Urban Decay's Primer Potion.
I'm gonna review all four and then give you my recommendation.
MAC Paint Pot - Great product, has a great texture and my eyeshadow usually doesn't crease when wearing this (unless it's been like, 8 hours and I haven't fixed my makeup at all during the day), especially when paired with MAC eyeshadows. There's a lot of product and it'll hopefully last me a while, although I've heard that it can dry it out, which SUCKS!
Benefit's F.Y.Eye - I like this better than MAC's Paint Pot, but I do not like the texture. It has a weird orange colour with a mousse-like texture but it doesn't apply smoothly. However, I'd buy this over the MAC Paint Pot, just because of its lasting power.
Clinique's Touch Base for Eyes - DO NOT BUY THIS, this product was a complete waste of money. My eyeshadow always creased when I used this and for the price you pay, they really don't give you a lot of product.
Urban Decay's Primer Potion - This is the best primer I have yet to try, it has a great texture, lasts all day (and night! But I don't recommend sleeping in your makeup, unless you're drunk and incapable of washing your face... in that case, fine) and a little goes a long way. Sadly I have never owned this beauty myself, and have only used the samples, but the samples will last me almost a week which is quite a long time considering the sample size. Love it! This is my recommendation, if you're gonna buy a primer, BUY THIS ONE! Please. And then write to me and tell me how much you love it :D

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