Friday, February 19, 2010

Best Drugstore Mascara

I've tried my fair share of drugstore and high end mascaras, and there's only one mascara that I have repurchased on more than on occassion. I rarely repurchase the same makeup item more than once, simply because I'd rather try out something new (it's more exciting that way, rawrr). HOWEVER, I've bought this specific mascara multiple times and even bought it for my roommate who now loves it. So, what mascara is this, might you ask?? Well, unless you haven't figured it out from the picture...

... Drumroll please..........
brrrrrrrrr (okay I need to stop...)


It's a great mascara, and really does make my lashes super voluminous. I even find that I prefer its performance after I've had it for about a month because the formula dries out a little bit and is less clumpy! So try it out if you're on the hunt for a new mascara. You won't be disappointed!

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