Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ke$ha - A Lady GaGa rip off?

I dunno about you guys but I am really not a fan of Kesha's style. She's too grunge-y for my liking and it just makes her look like she hasn't showered in weeks. While I like that her makeup is a little bit different I feel like she's too much of a Lady GaGa rip off. All that eye makeup is just too much for me. I love all the glitter but it just looks too messy and looks like she fell asleep in her makeup from the night before. She could probably be really attractive and yet still be different and edgy if it wasn't for all that junk on her face... she just needs a new makeup artist. Kesha, call me!


  1. She's so dirty, I can't even deal. I LOVE GAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Actaully She runs around with heavy makeup on eye eye as a tribute to Alex DeLarge from a Clockwork Orange. > <