Monday, February 22, 2010

Super easy, simple daytime look

Now this isn't my favourite makeup look ever. I do this whenever I'm feeling lazy, in a rush or have no inspiration for my makeup that day. It's a really easy look though and is perfect for daytime if you're not big on wearing crazy dramatic makeup.
Here's how you do it:

1. Prime your eyelids with any eyeshadow base. I used MAC's Paint Pot in Painterly, but Benefit's F.Y.Eye and Urban Decay's Primer Potion are even better options.
2. Apply a shimmery/frosty nude colour to your entire lid. I used MAC's Jest. Naked Lunch would be a better option but unfortunately I don't own that baby :(. Apply this colour to your lower lash line as well, especially in the inner corner.
3. Apply a matte medium brown colour to your crease. I used Symmetry by MAC, but Wedge and Cork would be good too. Apply to lower lash line but focus most of the colour on the outer corner.
4. Use either a liquid liner or a black pencil eyeliner (use a pencil eyeliner if you're a n00b) to line your upper lash line. Use an angled eyeliner brush with some black eyeshadow to blend out the pencil so that it's all nice and smooth.
5. If you want, you can apply some brown or grey eyeliner on your waterline, but I wouldn't go for black... it can be a bit too harsh for daytime (but that's just my opinion, so go wild if you like it!)
6. Mascara and you're done! Now wasn't that easy? Finish off with maybe some bronzer (if you're pale and paste-y like me) and/or blush and ta da! Beautiful.

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