Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kristin Cavallari Inspired Smokey Brown

Yes, I'm totally naked in this photo. No joke ;)

Earlier today I blogged about Kristin Cavallari's photo spread in the newest issue of Dirrty Glam magazine (great name, eh?) and was feeling inspired to do a matte smokey brown look. Well here's what I came up with. The look isn't what I'd normally do for a smokey eye... there's not too much colour in the crease, it's mostly concentrated along the lash line and fades upwards into a light tan. There's also lots and lots of black liner along the lower lash line and waterline, and obvi, plenty of black mascara. The look also consists of nude lips and bronzed skin. This is quite a dark smokey look for a regular Wednesday (I don't normally wear black liner on my waterline unless I'm going out partaying) but I like the look I came up with and am pretty pleased :D

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