Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Classic Smokey Eye

I did my beautiful friend Ashley's eye makeup the other week and we went for a classic smokey eye (she doesn't wear a lot of eye makeup so we went for something simple yet sexy) and here's the look I came up with! I used a bunch of shimmery and matte grey and black eyeshadows and lined her lash line with liquid liner. And NO, those aren't fake lashes!!! Can you believe it, I think Ashley has the most gorgeous lashes I have ever seen (not including my roommate Steph who has also been blessed with gorg lashes). I would have done some tight lining (applying a black eyeliner to her upper waterline... if that makes sense?) but she had a full day of travelling ahead of her and I didn't want any of that liner to somehow migrate towards her inner tear duct during the day (it always manages to get there!!) before she even had the chance to start her night of partying. Next time I would definitely do it though. Hope you likeyyyyy ♥