Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to not look like a clown when wearing blue eyeshadow

Regardless of the rule that blue eyeshadow should be illegal in any decade other than the 80s, I tend to be a badass rule breaker, and often wear blue eyeshadow loudly and proudly. Here's the thing though... there are definitely some do's and don'ts when you're considering pulling off some incredibly obnoxious (yet totally sexy, right?? hahaha just kidding) blue shadow. I advise you to continue reading if you wanna know.

  1. BLEND. Don't go crazy and apply just one shade of blue. Smoke it out with some navy and black eyeshadows in your crease and outer third of your lid. You can still make it wild, but if you're only using one blue eyeshadow... it'll just look messy and not cute. Which isn't cute.
  2. Keep it simple. Wearing bright blue or turquoise eyeshadow is crazy enough, so PUHLEEZ don't go for a dramatic winged blue eyeshadow or black winged liner on top of it all. Let your eyeshadow be the focus, by not taking the colour too high on your lid (just above your crease is perfff) and pairing it with a thin line of navy or black eyeliner. DAT IS ALL!!
  3. NEUTRAL MAKEUP is your friend. Keep your skin, blush, brows and lips simple by going for a nude colour palette. Blue eyeshadow + overly drawn on brows + hot pink blush and lips = trashy. Just sayin'.
  4. Make sure your using more than just one eyeshadow texture. For example, if your bright turquoise eyeshadow is really shimmery, tone it down by using a matte navy/black in your crease.
  5. Finally, stay within your comfort zone. If you don't want to wear a bright blue eyeshadow, then by all means DON'T. You'll only feel like a freakshow the entire night, and you'll be uber paranoid that everyone is staring at your makeup. Trust, I've been there and it's not fun. Do whatever you feel most comfortable and take baby steps if you're willing to take more risks. A smokey navy blue eyeshadow is a great alternative to the classic smokey eye and yet is subtle enough to go by unnoticed to the non-makeup junkie eye.
Hope this was helpful to you all!

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