Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 MTV Movie Awards Fashion + Beauty

As I'm sitting here in my living room watching The Dog Whisperer (hey, it's a good show, okay??) I've decided to multi-task and blog about last night's MTV Movie Awards fashion and obvi all the gorgeous makeup. So let's GO!

Whitney Port - Oh em geez, I LOVE her dress. Her hair looks great, as does her makeup. Usually Whitney goes for a barely there makeup look, but she's wearing some thick black liner along her upper lash line which looks grrrreat!

Audrina Patridge - Meh, she's gone for her usual darkly lined eyes but is wearing some silver eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye to match it with her silver dress. Not really a fan of her shoes though, they make her legs look short, don't they?

Stephanie Pratt - I reallyyy like her dress, and even though her makeup looks like everyone else's (smokey eye, lashes and a nude lip) she looks great.

Christina Aguilera - Her dress is fierce and is nice with her red lips (albeit boring because she ALWAYS wears a red lip). Love the hair, although her entire look is reminiscent of Gwen Stefani (especially the hair).

Scarlett Johansson - Dear Lord, she looks amazing. Love the dress, hair AND makeup... a perfect 10 fo sho.

Ashley Greene - Cute dress (but slightly unflattering, no?). Her hair is slightly awkward and the makeup is uber boring but all in all, she looks good. Ish.

Kristen Stewart - Ahhh I am truly impressed with Kristen. Love her dress, and she's really toned down her makeup (usually she goes for a dark smokey eye). Although, she always seems to have slightly uneven eyebrows. Does anyone else notice that??

Jessica Biel - Boorrrinnggg, she should have gone for more of a pink lip.

Eva Mendes - Not really a fan of her dress, but her neutral makeup was key to pulling off this look. Anymore makeup and she would have looked waayy overdone.

Paris Hilton - Paris has kept herself under the radar lately, but she's working that tanned, bronzed skin, dark smokey eyes and pale lips. She could have gone with some more dramatic makeup... a purple smokey eye maybe? Regardless, she looks great

Lindsay Lohan - I'm pretty impressed, she doesn't look like the hot mess that she usually does. Not really digging her jumpsuit, but I am enjoying her dark sultry eyes.

Vanessa Hudgens - She looks beautiful as always, even though her makeup and hair is uber boring. Also, doesn't her dress kinda look like a nightie?

Katy Perry - Katy's gone for her classic winged liner, huge lashes and simple lips. I like that she's kept her makeup relatively low key, seeing as she's got some WILD blue hair, an attention drawing dress and neon yellow nails. Well done

Cameron Diaz - LOVE her dress, and makeup. She's kept her look really natural (not too much foundation, she kept her eye makeup very simple) but made her pink lips and cheeks the focus. Lurrvellyyy!

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