Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gaga's Music Vid for Alejandro.... wtf?

Okay sooo Lady Gaga's new music video for Alejandro was released yesterday and after watching it a couple times, I am still very confused. It's obvious that there's a lot of political and religious imagery in the video, but what is the message that she's trying to get across? Is there even one?

This video is certainly not as glamourous as Bad Romance or Telephone, especially when it comes to her makeup and fashion in the vid, but I kind of like that. Lady Gaga is in no way trying to look beautiful, stunning, gorgeous or conforming to what our society's ideals of beauty is... I mean, she's got non existent brows and eyelashes in one of the makeup looks for pete's sake! That just shows what kind of artist she is though, which is something that I really admire. There definitely should have been more than just two makeup looks though... very disappointing.
Anywho, what did you guys think of the video? And the makeup?!

First makeup look of the video. Hardly any eye makeup, with no mascara, white liner along her waterline and deep red lips... Definitely not something I'll be trying out anytime soon hahaha

I'm pretty sure this is the same makeup as the above photo (except you can't really see her drawn on mole in the first photo, so maybe it's different?) but it's more close up so you can see the detail of her eye makeup. She's wearing very shimmery eyeshadow all over her lid and by the tearduct as well as her classic matte red lips.

This is the most makeup she's wearing in the entire vid. It's very similar but you can tell she's wearing some heavy black liner and lashes. And obvi, red lipstick.

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