Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tip: Applying Liquid Liner

An angled eyeliner brush... these are easier to use than a pointed eyeliner brush, so I'd recommend this for beginners!
A pointed eyeliner brush

I have struggled with liquid liner for what feels like decades now... you'd think that with practice, I'd get better, no? Well apparently it's true but I still struggle with it which is why I generally avoid using liquid liner unless I am wanting to darken my liner by applying it over top of a line that I've drawn using either a pencil or gel form. BUT today I discovered a way to apply liquid liner that makes it sooooo much easier. Here's what ya do:
  1. Take your liquid liner applicator and apply a glob of it to the back of your hand.
  2. Dip either an angled or pointed eyeliner brush into it and make sure only the tip and sides of the brush are covered. There's no need to cover the entire brush with the liquid liner. I think the reason so many people have trouble with liquid liner is because the applicator you're using to draw your line is pretty much drenched with liquid liner and you tend to apply waaayyy more than you need. Using a different brush allows for less product on your brush AND the product dries out a little while it's on the back of your hand which makes it easier to control and apply.
  3. To smooth over any bumps, first get rid of the liquid liner on your brush by dampening the end and then wiping it off on a towel or piece of tissue. Then, you can take either a black eyeshadow to go over your liquid liner, OR you can just use your damp brush (don't use a wet brush because you'll just end up taking off all the liner that you applied) and lightly smooth over any parts of the liner you've drawn that are uneven.
Hope these instructions made sense and are helpful to you all! Good luckers!!

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