Monday, May 10, 2010

Beyonce's new video for "Why Don't You Love Me?"

OMG Beyonce just took it to the next level!!!!!!! I am absolutely in love with her new video for Why Don't You Love Me. It's completely different from her normal music videos and yet she's still Sasha Fierce... sexy, yet classy. LOVE IT. And the makeup is absolutely gorgeous, I can definitely see that she (or her makeup artist) was inspired by her makeup looks in Gaga's Telephone video. The dramatic winged eyeliner is definitely a major theme throughout the video, but she pairs it with different lip colours like a greyish purple lipstick and bright matte red. I also spy some FABULOUS and uber trendy bright blue nails, as well as bright coral lips. Love love love, I wonder if she used the same makeup artist that did her makeup for the Telephone video... Ima try find that out for you all (and myself haha). Well done B. What do you guys think??

AMAZING nail colour... Gotta find out what nail polish that is.

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