Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stephanie Pratt Inspired - How to make blue eyes pop!

I was watching The Hills the other night with some friends and we all noticed how ridiculously blue Stephanie Pratt's eyes are. They are redic! I soon noticed however that they look so blue because she wears blue eyeshadow along her bottom lash line.... VERY sneaky Stephanie. With a bronze-y golden eyeshadow on her top lid, and a bright pop of blue liner along her lower lash line, she manages to make her eyes look uber blue. If you're not into the bright blue along the lower lash line, you can just stick to a blue eyeliner along your waterline and then run some bronze eyeshadow along your bottom lash line. Also, you know how whenever you wear a shirt that matches the colour of your eyes, your eyes are suddenly that much more noticeable? This is the same idea. If you have dark blue eyes, go for a dark blue liner. If your eyes are really bright sky blue, go for that colour liner. Get it? Hope this helped!

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