Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oh Gaga, how I love you

Stumbled across these photos of Lady Gaga (from Fashion Uncensored) back in February when she attended the amfAR New York Gala (co-sponsored by MAC!) to promote AIDS awareness and her VIVA Glam campaign with MAC. Let me just say... I love how fearless Lady Gaga is. It's not everyday that you see someone with white beads stuck to their face. It looks like she's got barnacles growing all over her face. Regardless, I love her whole ensemble, including the beads. Her pink lips just make the look 10 million times better, and I read that she's wearing her VIVA Glam lipstick! YAY!


  1. I love GAGA! Especially Viva Glam GAGA! :)

  2. Those are white beads? Weird, they looked like styrofoam pellets. Cool though, oh Lady GaGa, you do the weirdest things, but everyone loves you!