Friday, April 9, 2010

Jessica Simpson makeup-less on Marie Claire

Despite my previous post about celebs not wearing any makeup and how much better it makes me feel about myself, there is nothing sexier than a woman who doesn't wear any makeup and can rock it with confidence and not a care in the world. While I'd like to be like that... I'm definitely not. I'm not one of those girls who can't go ANYWHERE without wearing makeup. I'll go to the grocery store or run quick errands and what not, but believe me, I'm not feeling good about it. However, Jessica Simpson is on the May cover of Marie Claire wearing NO makeup. The mag claims that she's not wearing any makeup AND her photo hasn't been retouched in anyway (gasp!). Now, I'm doubtful of the fact that she's not wearing ANY makeup whatsoever... I mean, come on, she must be at least wearing some foundation or concealer. Regardless, it takes a lot of balls to be on the cover of a magazine without makeup (or very little) and for that, I give kudos to Jess. She looks gorgeous! What do you guys think??

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